One city, one citadel - Alba Iulia


In the middle, the Orthodox Coronation Cathedral (1921-1922) and, on the right, St. Michael's Cathedral (1004-1009)

A short history


Alba Iulia (in Latin, Apulum, and in German, Karlsburg) was inhabited during the Dacian kingdom. The importance of the settlement grew after the Roman-Dacian wars ended and became a citadel for the Gemina Legion XIII, which had the mission of protecting the vast gold mines in the Apuseni Carpathian mountains.

Alba Iulia was the capital of the Principality of Transylvania (1542-1690). For the Romanian nation, the city is a very powerful symbol, because in 1599 Michael the Brave proclaimed himself as the ruler of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldova, which was the first union between the three Romanian principalities.

In the Habsburg period, the city was once again site of a new citadel construction, which was aimed to stop an Ottoman invasion. The work started in 1715 and ended in 1738. The citadel covered an area of over 140 hectares and could accommodate over 10,000 soldiers.

On the 1st of December 1918 (the National Day of Romania), Alba Iulia was the gathering place for 100,000 Romanians who proclaimed the Union between Transylvania and Romania and four years later, the site was the place where King Ferdinand and Queen Maria were crowned.

Alba-Iulia nowadays


Alba-Iulia is situated in the historical region of Transylvania and lies along the banks of the Mureș River. It is the seat of the Alba County and has a population of 63,536 inhabitants. 

West from Alba Iulia lie the Apuseni Mountains and East from the city we can find the Transylvanian Plateau.

Due to its histroical importance for Romania, Alba Iulia becomes site of a grand national day parade, every year, on the 1st of December, which brings a lot of people from the sourroundings and from the entire country. 

The city is culturally tight to its citadel and, for this reason, it hosts many cultural events inside its gates: International Festival "Lucian Blaga", International Theatre Festival, International Literature Festival, Alba Fest etc.

Alba Iulia is one of the few cities in Romania that has all its public transportation system built recently as green and environmental friendly.


A view of the citadel


Statue of Avram Iancu (1824-1872)

We offer

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What to visit in Alba Iulia

The Citadel (Alba Carolina)

Union Museum

Union Hall

Coronation Orthodox Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral

The prison cells of Horea and Crișan

1st of December Celebrations

The Scărișoara Cave near the city

The entrance gate to the Citadel

Inside the Citadel
Inside the Citadel

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XIII-th century St. Michael's Cathedral
XIII-th century St. Michael's Cathedral

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Heroes Monument
Heroes Monument

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Inside the Citadel
Inside the Citadel

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